The Game of Thrones opening credits are great, but wouldn't it be nice if they gave you a bit more information? Written and produced for The Wil Wheaton Project on SyFy.

Written and Produced for Deon Cole's Black Box on TBS

Can't believe I got my hands on this leaked footage from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice!

Wrote this for TruTV's How to Be a Grown Up. Stars Christina Pazsitzky, directed by Glenn Clements, and produced by John Murphy.

Rebels is Disney's first crack at the Star Wars universe, and they seem to be nailing it.

A hefty portion of Salem's success has to be attributed to its unusually blunt promos.

It seems like every show now has at least one gruff, raspy-voiced badass. Where did these guys come from? We have the answer.

CNN's special on the N word was definitely...special. Written for Deon Cole's Black Box on TBS.

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